5 Wet n Wild lipstick swatches, why customers' reviews are important to a business, WIN free eyeshadow!

 Practicing makes perfect, repetition with practice is even better
I had told myself I'd dedicate an hour every day to practicing makeup applications but the past couple of weeks have been so busy for me that I haven't been able to- but then whenever I do practice, I always try the same groups of colors on the eyes and same techniques. My goal is next time I practice, I will have a YouTube video on and practice along with the guru as well. You assume once you watch something, you can replicate the same colors and techniques after- but not I.

I do not want Beyoumakeupshop's customers nor my friends, or people I know to think I am always about promoting our own products. I really do try to find different ways to use the products, research on the products and reviews, and I do try to test on myself prior to adding them. I have not tested nor use everything in the Shop, but hopefully over time I will be able to.

Why customers' reviews are important to a business
I believe one of the most difficult "thing" as a business is to be able to receive inputs from clients/customers- especially for a small start up like Beyou. I will work harder to ask customers to leave reviews of products + using the product myself. If the results aren't good (I have not specifically determine "good") in comparison to it's value, I will not sell them.  I want to be able to deliver quality products because I try not to over promote products- especially to friends and family- because they trust you. I definitely don't want to do the same thing to customers because from personal experiences in the past- I purchased certain products with such high hopes and in the end, they disappointed. This may be more difficult to achieve because of purchasing power, accessibility, price, time, being able to have enough money to invest in different products and their quantities, eek...

 Always wanting too much eye shadow colors
For myself, as a beginner, after watching so many YouTube videos, of course I want to achieve the same looks as the gurus, but I think after a while, you forget everything you watch because of too many videos o_O For some odd reason, I always feel incline to apply a bunch of shadows here and there - just like when I eat my Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle), I add all the sauce, extra onions, extra bean sprouts, this that, etc..  __________________________________________________________________________

These swatches include 4 + 5 lipsticks/lip gloss layered on top of one another
This time I finally have stopped myself from practicing with 3 or 5 eyeshadows- but rather- just 2 simple eyeshadows. I also added layers of Wet n Wild Matte lipsticks (from previous post) for you to be able to see the colors. I was crayzy! =) Did you know sometimes when I go to Target and I see girls walking around the Wet n Wild or NYC area, I'm always prone to tell them to try these lipsticks! o_O However, their packaging of the tube is horrible because they keep coming off. Remember, these are matte, so they may be drying if your lips are naturally dry and especially in the winter ( I had applied EOS lipbalm before application).

Can you guess the 2 eye shadow Beyoumakeupshop products I used in these pictures are? (Hint: They are from Beyoumakeupshop) The winner will get 1 of the 2 mail out by Friday! Much easier than you think! I always mention them in this blog =)

I'm growing older! *wrinkles on forehead*

I love this bronzy glow =)

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick # 907

Wet n Wild #907 + 905

Wet n Wild #907 + 905+ 903

907+ 905+906( I don't have this picture) + 903 together on the side

All the lipcolors + estee lauder lipgloss

Did I mention the 42 Double stack shimmery eyeshadows + blush palette arrived today?! They are even more gorgeous than the picture!


  1. Wowza Hang, your skin looks soooo good and glowy! Are you wearing the Victoria's Secret eyeshadow?

  2. @ Lynn Thank you! =)

    @ Nancy! No =) Thanks Nancy! I used the Clinique foundation + Missha BB cream #23. I love your blog!


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