Has anyone use Cover Girl's Outlast Foundation (the 2 in 1 that includes a primer/moisturizer & foundation)?  Basically, I didn't think that it would be a decent foundation because I am not really into products from Cover Girl (they should update the packaging for their products, especially the lipsticks) but it gives medium coverage without appearing too thick!

Why I would use this foundation
-affordable ($6-8 in drug stores, I'm not sure if this line is still available)

-left side contains prep primer/moisturizer that has spf (I think it is spf 15) & it is odorless
       -this is awesome because sometimes most of us (including myself) don't apply moisturizer before applying foundation and the foundation ends up appearing too dry and settles into our lines or pores

-right side contains the foundation itself
-foundation itself has light to medium coverage (buildable), it doesn't feel cakey or thick
       -reduce appearance of large pores
Seriously, it gives great coverage while manages to help you look somewhat more natural, but I will update later with its staying power throughout the day. (I also read other reviews and the users really complimented on its staying power.) Much better than I had assumed =)

Tip: don't add lipgloss onto your eyelids
Without flash

Of course different lighting make our skin look different and in pictures also, but in real life, I like it!! =)


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