2014 How to kick your new year resolutions in the butt: Change habits + learn something new every 100 days

 "2 out of 3 of us make new year resolutions. Only 8% keep them"--Forbes

Some ideas for 2014:
  • Change habits
    • "Instead of focusing your resolution on stopping your bad habits (eating too much, smoking, not spending enough time with family), think of them as learning to do something new (eating healthier; finding new ways to calm and de-stress; discovering shared activities that appeal to you and your family). "--Erika Andersen, Forbes
  • Learn something for 100 days
    • Karen Cheng learned to danced for 100 days (well 365 days)

I believe what makes her story more motivational for the rest of us is this is part of who she is, her happiness is "getting better at skills."  After watching the video, the more I learn about her and how awesome, creative, and smart she is, the more I'm inspired. She is not afraid to fail, she likes to try different things etc..because it's a continuous pattern of who she is as an individual. Feel free to check out her blog (love her post "discipline is overrated") and support her current project/startup Give it 100 Thank you Karen!

What habits will you change this year?


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