Gorgeous & matte Bourjois Bleu Eyeshadow! + 1st blog follower!

+welcome Bourjois Pastel Matt(e) Eyeshadow  in Bleu Suprenant 80 to our Beyou family. It's gorgeous and highly pigmented & matte, no shimmer. What's awesome about these from the Bourjois line is the eyeshadow container is the exactly color of the shadow itself!(innovative!)   I've been inspired to the box and around the box to bring something different to Beyou because if anyone likes to buy makeup, they can go to Sephora, Ulta, or department stores.

Enjoy these photos of our new member of the family.[no editing]

Nice background colors, especially of the leaves, but not the eyeshadow

LOVE LOVE <3 the "gold" coil that stemed from the plant itself

<3 the bare tree
and finally for luck ...

+ 03.20.2010 marks a very special day for the blog because we have our...drum rolls please *drum rolls* our very first follower! Thank you so much moonbeam*, it means a lot to me. :) Thank you so much [hope you read this post moonbeam]

What can Beyou possibly offer our customers that they can get easily elsewhere besides our disadvantages of being unknown, limited selections of products, and limited amount? Yup, that's wlhat I will be working on and continously improving. wait, wait.'s.. what about a dream? Beyou offers customers dreams, inspirations (well mine anyways :P)...nah! that's so cliche! your support keeps my dream alive! no, that's lame.

I do not have a professional camera nor know too much about photography yet, but I've been wanting to take our products to differerent "natural" locations and take their pictures for the blog and the shop.  This is one way to help Beyou stands out right and besides, I like taking pictures of pretty things. Hope you enjoy them. can you guess what "plant" lies in the background of these photos?

<3 Beyou [ of course, I couldn't resist taking a picture of myself either :P]


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