Upcoming product reviews & Beyou future plans

Hi everyone,
Below are some of the ideas & reviews I will be working in the near future for Beyou.

+Product Reviews:
    • Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder
    • Maybelline Coverstick Concealer
    • Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara
    • Maybelline dream mousse eyeshadow
    • CoverGirl Eye Enhances Eyeshadow
    • CoverGirl Eye slicks gel eyecolor
    • CoverGirl trublend whipped foundation
    • Almay smart shade makeup w/spf 15
    • Almay ideal gloss
    • Eco brushes
    • Clinniqued superbalanced makeup foundation
    • Rimmel Extreme Definition ultimate lash separating mascara
    • NYC eyeliner duet
    • NYC thickening mascara
    • NYC liquid lipshine lip gloss
    • Loreal Hip high intensity pigments eyeshadow
    • Estee Lauder Projectionist high definition volume mascara
    • Target brushes
    • Revlon eyelash curler
    • Missha BB/cream no. 23
+Create a Beyou Facebook page
+Advertise on Facebook.
+ Free Giveaways to customers, subscribers, and blog followers.
+Advertise around local businesses
+Create better relationships with customers
For the rest of March, I will strategize and implement various marketing plans to help more people know about Beyoumakeupshop. To be honest, who knows about the shop? Not many, but everything will come with time, hard work, and of course persistency. I am not very pushy when it comes to personal things, but if it is something I am personally passionate about, you'll know it. I have the habit of telling some family and friends about Beyou because I just feel that... we'll its not anything much to tell them, I mostly post it on my facebook and such. It's not that I'm not proud of it, but it's just that, I want people to know about it and support Beyou on their own terms, that sounds strange . If I really love something, I will let other people know, but if it's my own business, it's natural that I'm partially biased toward it.

Based on my past experience in sales and marketing, getting consumers to know about a product and buying it, it is a numbers game. The more people know about a product, the higher the probability they may purchase it. More No's means more Yes. If everyone loves the blackheads peeling packs,they will rave about them, they'll tell their friends and family about how great those those peeling packs are.

The probability of more people wanting to give them a try will increase because they want to know if these products do what they say. Therefore a relationship between consumers & blackheads peeling packs will form to. This will increase familiarity and give the products some credibility.

What should I do to help my business? Advertise, advertise, advertise! Let people know Beyou exists, the products we carry, and our commitment to excellent customer service and they will decide for themselves. If people don't know see it, don't hear it, they will not know about it. If anyone has any suggestions, do please let me know. Thank you in advance :P


  1. I look forward to the Eco brushes and Clinique reviews. Also let me know if you like Target brushes and the HIP pigments. :)

  2. Ashwini,I think a while ago when I still had my old blogs, I subsribed to you and I really like your blog. thank you soo much for following and commenting, I really appreciate it so much :) You are totally awesome. I will do my best w/the reviews since I'm not pro at it yet. Oo Target brushes, the Studiotools are good for their prices, I only have 2 though and the HP pigments are nice, but I think it's not worth 8 or 9 dollars since the pan doesn't contain too much eyeshadow, but the colors are nicely pigmented though.


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