Vaseline for eyelashes? Beyou's first YouTube FEATURED VIDEO!

I know that this may not be much to be proud of but...for me and Beyoumakeupshop, it's another small step toward where we'd like to be. Our video of using vaseline to help stimulate lash and eyebrows growth, along with reducing dark circles became a FEATURED VIDEO!

What did the video consisted of? [through my personal experience with vaseline]

+can stimulate eyelash grow for longer, stronger, possibly thicker lashes
Within a month, I saw my lashes were longer, but not dramatically longer, but longer and stronger nonetheless.They were not thicker nor fuller. I actually found out about vaseline and its usage of helping to grow longer lashes through a website forum and it worked for many of the girls/women there.

+Can stimulate eyebrows growth?
Within a month, I did see my eyebrow hair growing back where I had plucked them, but it was kind of slow...

+Can help reduce puffiness and dark circles under eyes?
Yes, I've been using vaseline under my eyes before I sleep for a couple of months now, I do see a reduction in the appearance of dark cirlces after nights of staying up late.

Conclusion:  If you'd like a cheaper, [$1.00 for the small jar] alternative to help protect and strenghten your eye lashes due to masacarage usage, not to mention make them grow longer, try vaseline.  From my personal experiences, it may not give you the longest, thicker, fuller lashes, nor full eyebrows in a short amount of time, but it does protect those lashes and help grow your eyebrows.  Everyone's result may vary because my lashes may not be that much longer from vaseline, but yours might. I do love how it helps to reduce those dark circles! As with everything, please do your own research before usage. Vaseline is one of those all around products, I've even heard it keeps fragrances stay on longer if you put a bit of vaseline on before you spray them!
+On a side note, I've found another method through another wonderful YouTuber on how to grow eyelashes naturally with olive oil + castor oil!


  1. hello. this is awesome and thanks for sharing this.

    thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I wanna try this. But I think I'll try olive oil because the scent of vaseline bothers me a little.

    Btw, thanks for following. I'm following you too now. & I'm having a lotion giveaway on my blog if you haven't checked it out already!


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