transferring is tiring...

+I finally finished adding most of the categories onto this blog, it took a while.  I am really liking this new blog design and template, I haven't been favoring the old templates as much because you can't move the layout of the blog itself around. I LOVE LOVE this new layout, thank you so much BLOGGER!

+I've been researching different e-commerce hosting sites for the shop, my current server is great for design, but it lacks other aspects. If anyone knows of other ones, please do let me know. Thank you in advance :P

+I've recently read about a of couple of do it yourself masks, they seem really good, I will try to post them soon, including the "Best Buys of 2009" from Allure, and some recipes for improving skin, pores, and everythign else from the book I had picked up from the creator of "Global Goddess."  I need to try some myself to see if they work.


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