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I have been thinking about adding the "Dove Skin Revitalizer" to the Beyou family because my nephew had bought one a while back and I have used it a couple of times, I really do like it in terms of expolifation for the skin.  What do you guys think? Has anyone tried the Dove Skin Revitalizer?  I've read some reviews on it and some people think that it is better than the Neutrogena Wave, but even if it's definitely not Clarosonic, but I will do more research on this product before adding them to the shop. If you have any comments or opinions regarding this product, please comment and let us know.

It claims:
The Dove Skin Vitalizer is a technologically advanced skin cleaning tool that both cleans and exfoliates for beautiful skin. It was developed to give busy women options when it comes to washing their faces. The Skin Vitalizer uses the Dove Cleansing pillows, which has both a smooth and a textured side for deep cleaning and exfoliation. Both sides of the pillow can be used in a single session and are gentle enough to use everyday. Many see significant improvement in their skin and appear younger. If you’re ready to see results for yourself, Dove is making it even easier

I believe the best thing one can do for oneself to look great is healthy skin.  Base on my limited experiences with various cosmetic products, I think that some products are not made for acne prone skin, instead of covering up zits and pimples, they can actually make them stand out even more.  During my teenage years going through puberty, I had a huge amount of pimples on my face, especially my forehead.  I remember one specific time when my father was driving me in his car, I couldn't bear to look at myself in the rear view mirror because I had thought I was the ugliest person in the world.  Zits and pimples, acne, those are some of the worst test of character and self love, they can destroy an individual's confidence. 

I am always greateful for my mother for helping me to take care of my skin back then and still she helps me now, she has fantastic skin and is incredibly beautiful for woman close to 70!  I can't really remember one or a couple of specific products I had used back in the day to rid of those little devils on my super oily skin, but it was a variety of things, but most essentially, drinking enough water, sleeping early, reducing the amount of stress you take on, a healthy lifestyle (eating lots of vegetables), not picking on the zits, and not paying attention to them 24/7.  I still have some acne now and my skin is not great, it is decent, but now at this age, I've realized how beautiful great skin can be. Remember, take care of your skin.  You can invest in cosmetic products to enhance your beauty, but great skin is the most important :)

Skin products I've recently purchased:
[ Reviews to be updated in a couple of weeks-1 month]

The Healing Garden refine Demobrasion Treatment
[I was super excited for this product because of the advertisement on the box itself!]  It claims 100% of women saw significant improvement in clarity, smoothness, and pore size in just 2 weeks!
+aluminum oxide free- a safe and gentle alternative
+ resurfaces skin with natural bamboo
+ evens out skin tone, refines pores for skin that looks flawless
+transform dull skin to reveal a fresh, healthy looking-complexion
+diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
[who wouldn't fall for these great promises?! I sure did. Goodness, who doesn't want flawless skin, smaller pores, clear skin?! I did]

Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Derver
Sun Effects SPF 30
Active Sunscreen Lotion w/Dermaplex Technology
Very Water/Sweat Resistant [that's me]
+Dermaplex Technology offers long lasting sunscreen protection for active lifestyles and sport activities.
[ Before I was not very aware nor care too much about sunscreen protection,but I definitely do not want premature aging signs on my face, skin cancer, or spots, therefore I always put on my handy dandy sunscreen.]

Loreal Skin Genesis
Multi-layer Cell Strenghtening Daily Moisturizer
SPF Lotion 15

Luckily I was able to spot this product on the aisle, it had no box.  I coudln't help but pumped out a tiny bit on my hand and the result? Glowy, soft skin. I compared it to my other hand, it was dull. I couldn't believe it. A little pump can give that result within 5 seconds?  I had to get it and try it at home.  I read some reviews on the product and there are a lot of positive feebacks on what a great moisturizer it is!

Cosmo Selection Avacodo Vitamin Facial Oil
60 Softgels
+A nutritional aid to normal or dry skin.  Used daily against surface scars, aging wrinkles, aging spots, environmental pollution and sun damages.  It will help keep skin moist, healthy, beautiful, and smooth. 
+The softgels smell very, so very good & they are in "Heart" shapes!
[I'm a sucker for products that claim to give great skin as a result of usage, but if within my price range since I am indebt with loans]

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