I'd like to start off with a short self introduction. My name is Hang and I am not exactly sure why I would even write this message, similar in the form of a speech, to my fellow readers and those around me.

I used to be a bully when I was a child, who would've of that? Do you ever feel that sometimes in our lives, we not forget, not consciously, but certain memories from our past are no longer with us?  Without these memories, I feel disconnected from myself and the idea of the person that I am, the person I will eventually become. I guess I tend to make everything static, but things and people, including myself, constantly change and grow. Sometimes you need some blasts from the past to help you get a better understanding of your past so that you can have a strong foundation to stand on and face the world. Know thyself but don't ever limit yourself to what you think you can or can't do, or who you will be. Don't constraint yourself to a certain identity or box, we are creatures who constantly change. Expect changes and leave a little bit of space for growth.

I had stated in my previous post that I would keep a list of unexpected suprises and give myself opportunities, and/or create them.  I' have made a bit of progress, I should not sit and wait for things to come, I should pursue them.Show them you want that opprtunity. I don't mind hard ships because so many people have to go through much more difficult things than I do to reach the place they'd like to be. I guess maybe with us, the younger generation, we'd assume graduating from a university with our college degree will be one of the major factor in getting to where we'd like career wise, making the money, getting the benefits. We'd like for success to come fast and with a gaurantee. Maybe some things in life can have the 30 days or better yet, 90 days gaurantee, if the products or things in life don't work out, we can return them .

There are so many amazing people out there, my age, doing great and wonderful things, especially my friends, whom i'm very proud of. Whenever I need motivation or a cup of reality, I look at them. Cheers.


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