Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lipsticks Fever

I had one of the most difficult shopping experience today.  It was so difficult restraining myself.  I haven't shopped in Wal-mart for a while, I do try to shop more at Target, and being a more conscious shopper. My goodness, I have never been into lipsticks as much as I am now, Spring really does bring out the "lipstick fever" in all of us because they are relatively inexpensive and they have such beautiful colors. Spring is here and everyone's out getting their pinks and nudes on.
[Revlon's NEW Colorburst from left to right:  True Red, Fuschia, and Baby Pink]

[Revlon's "Pink Pout"] It has a soft beautiful orchid undertone.

My eyes were toward the Revlon lipsticks, especially the matte ones. They are better in real life than these pictures make them appear to be, a lot more bold and pigmented.

[Revlon's Matte "Strawberrry Suede"]

Their new line has such beautiful intoxicating colors that I wanted to grab all of them and run to the checkout counter before my rationality kicked in. Revlon's Colorburst lipsticks "Baby Pink" and "Carnation" are pretty! I really loved the "Pink Pout" and "Nude Attitude." Unfortunately Maybelline's "Pink Please" were out, but no fear because they will restock again.

[Maybelline's "Pink Please"]

Maybelline's new packaging design with the semi transparent red tubes are definitely better than their previous ones.  Come to think of it, why would lipsticks not have any transparency in their packaging? If consumers can't see the actual colors, although there are stickers with the names and colors on the bottom, it's not the same thing if one were to see the lipstick itself. Beautiful packaging can make us value the products more, giving them more value, increases our want to have "it," even if we have to spend a bit more.
Do you agree?

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  1. I feel you girl. At one point I was into lipsticks as well lol.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I do hope Iget more music video gigs, and I hope they pay me next time lol.