Videos that will make you laugh & opportunities.

I've been wanting to make sure that this blog remains professional, but I realized it may be a tad boring at times to read. I enjoy reading other bloggers' mini updates on their lives too, so that will be one of my goals, including little tidbits of my personal life. Pictures will definitely help too, too many words makes me scan instead of reading the content fully.

Before heading too bed, I found Ellen Degeneris' series of singing in the bathroom w/different celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, John Mayer, Katy Perry, Fallout Boy, etc.. Below are two of my favorite because they simply show how much they had fun together singing. 
I really love this one, it made me laughed a lot! [especially when she sang the high notes!]

John Mayer is so cute singing the high notes & dancing.

Does Barack Obama not have some moves?! Sure dances better than I can :) A man who can dance is a hot man.

I always love to hear inspiring stories about how people succeed in their lives and careers.  Paris By Night 99 (if you are not familiar with it, it is a Vietnamese Musical Show) entitled "I am Vietnamese" featured some very prominent Vietnamese people who have succeeded in achieving their AMERICAN DREAMS.  They  are proud.of the fact that they are Vietnamese.  I am very proud to be VIETNAMESE  because no matter where we may live and how much success we have, our roots will always run within us.  I remember during the introduction, one man distinctly in his next life time, let him be Vietnamese again.  Many of them did not have anything when they first arrived in the United States nor did they know much English, yet they achieved their dreams with their bare hands. Our hands are in our future, if opportunities are not given to us, we create them (not the type of opportunities where we step over others to have).  Look at how much the people in your family have achieved given what they had.

 Each day, I am more grateful to be in this land filled with opportunities.  My nephew who is currently in Vietnam said that we can bring him to the United States and he can wash cars for a living.  If you work hard, you will succeed, it's almost a gaurantee.  I have been thinking that my mom  is my biggest compettion, if she came to the United States the same time as I did, in 1994, at the age of 8.5 years old, she would have accomplished a lot more than I have.  She is utterly one of the most motivated and determined person I have ever met in my life.  She had gone through so many challenges in her life, ever since she was a child, and there is nothing that will break her. Our mothers are a big part of who we are.

My goal, my aims, for the rest of April is to create opportunities.  If they are given, take them, and if they are not, create them because for sure perseverance and hard work will get people "somewhere," and they will do the same for us.

I also told my friend I will keep track of how many suprises there are and will be in my life, so I can't wait for them. :p


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