P.O. Box is here! If your laptop overheats...

Yay! We have our P.O. Box today!
P.O.Box 22216
San Jose, CA. 95151

I'm really excited for it, just to have it, another add on to the family
Feel free to send mail our ways.

Laptop overheats? Makes  a lot of noise?
Thanks to an awesome friend of mine, BN, she told me to use the Dust Remover spray. WOW. It's really cool when you see how it works after it has been sprayed onto your laptop, well, keyboard. My brother and I sprayed my HP's fan and the keyboard and I'm so amazed, my laptop doesn't get overheat anymore! It doesn't make the loud whirring sound! I know a lot of bloggers and beauty gurus live on their laptops, so if yours ever becomes overheat and makes a lot of noise, this would be an incredibly useful instant tool, and a laptop cooler. I think it would have been better if I had the straw that came with it, I think someone had mistakenly took mine.  All the dust really does slow things down and increases overheating. Do you know of any make up product that gives an instant incredible change like this?! I would like to know :)

On another note, I love seeing women with "real" bodies, curvacious, normal bodies in the media because it enhances our confidence as females. We can still have some curves and look good and be beautiful. I love, love, Monique and Queen Latifah. My friend had sent me this link of Jennifer Hudson and I absolutely think she looks so incredible after her Weights Watchers change, not that she wasn't before. I love her hair, the shoes, and her outfit & of course, beautiful skin.  Being balanced and feeling your best is what matters.


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