A beginner bringing beauty to the eyes =)

I am merely a beginner in the world of makeup beautification.  I came into the makeup world a bit more late than other women and most of the blogs that I am following and learning from.  I have been dedicating some time to practice before sleeping and or early in the morning so that I can improve my skills and play with different colors and texture; kind of like painting or coloring a picture.

This collage include some of the eye shadow colors and looks that I have been practicing. I try to take pictures of them and ask for feedbacks from others. I used to be afraid of criticism, but now, I am trying to not fear criticism, but be it's colleague.   Like I said, I'm a  beginner -) but we all have to start somewhere right? Other than special events and and those random days, I still am very much a tomboy at heart.

  •  Some of the colors may resemble each other because the camera does whiten out the vibrancy of them but they are all different. 
  • Most of the time, I do not draw my eyeliner all the way in, maybe 1/3 or 1/2 of the eyelid because my eyes are very small and there are not much lid space. Otherwise, the eyeliner will take up my whole lid. Or they will make my eyes appear even smaller =(
  • I cannot draw the same exact line using an eyeliner for my left and right eye, they never appear identical =( More like cousins instead of twins. I always have trouble with my left eye, the trouble child.
  • My favorite lipstick of the moment is Revlon's Matte in Pink Pout. (soft pink with hints of light orchid, but its matte texture is not great for those who have dry lips, you have to blend it out) Hence the lips picture.

Hehe =) When I practiced, I was too lazy to apply the same colors to both eyes. One eye will consist of the emerald green look while the other eye will be soft cafe brown without eyeliner (as you can tell from the one above) so that I can "study" the eyes. See what I mean about the eyeliner taking up my whole lower lid space? 
  • Eyes-Loreal Hip eyeshadow colors
  • Face- Revlon Colorstay foundation + Laura Mercier blush
  • Revlon's Pink Poute (Matte)

Just for experimentation and fun =)
  • Face- no foundation/bare
  • Eyes- Loreal Hip eye shadows
  • Lips- Revlon Pink Pout
  • Day/night + natural sunlight made my skin look better and more clear than the pictures w/the Revlon foundation

I look like a deer lost in translation =) Eyeliner can make a big difference to the eyes, therefore, making it my most loved cosmetic product, eyeliner.

Other than being unable to line my eyes so the lines look identical on both sides, I also have trouble making sure both lids have the same amount of eyeshadow blended into the right places.

Does anyone do this? I know it may look scary to see my face up this close, but I love to look at my work at this angle because it enables you to really be able to see the shadows after blending and how beautiful they are. I love the smokey/blending effect upon the crease (the left eye).

  • I have been using drug store eye shadows, mostly L'oreal Hip ( I can't afford to be practicing w/MAC or other name brand products, even If I do sell them. Being a part time tutor with bills and loans and trying to grow your own business did not leave me with much)

  • Cover Girl Trublend Whipped Foundation (medium light) is my primer before applying the eye shadows (smells oh oh oh  so good-similar to chocolate soufflé and the texture is the softest thing in the world!) It works great as an inexpensive primer, helps to bring out the intensity and vibrancy of the colors, and the colors stay on almost through the entire day on my oily lids. 

  • I'm currently using Loreal's Voluminous in Carbon Black (waterproof formula) and it really grabs the lashes and make them visible, enhancing the volume and length. However, I realize without my Maybelline's Colossal, my lashes will not stay up, even after I blow dry my eyelash curler. =( I do love Imjuwig for lengthening because the mini fibers extend your lashes out.
What about you? 


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