Wedding dresses for your perfect day.

 Dedicated to my wonderful friend Kim Dangalo, Kimbo. Her wedding will be early August in Seattle and I am so excited to be able to attend a close friend's special day. For this occasion, I've scanned several pictures of what I thought were beautiful wedding dresses that I think would be beatiful for any bride on one of her happiest days from David's Bridal. ( I am not too fluent with describing fashion, almost everything below are beautiful to me.)

I wish nothing but the most happiness and joy for you Kimbo, maybe a couple of random adventures here   and there. You are an amazing woman and I can't wait to hear all your stories of life after marriage <3
You are funny, incredibly smart and knowledgeable on many subjects, you are motivated, you are driven, and you can always make me smile. <3


Beautiful dress and veil.

Beatiful, especially the lower half, and the metallic accessories help make it stand out even more.

Modern day princess, incredibly long beautiful veil.

Big bold ruffles, I wonder if it may be difficult to walk in?

Beautiful and elegant pearls, beautiful neckline and design.

Love the satin sash on the left dress.

This dress is unique because the back has its own identity.

One of my favorite, incredibly detailed. It is long and elegant. Took my breath away.

Unique bottom half, very cute.

Beautiful makeup and her eyes can bring the moon and stars together.

Modern and chic, especially the 2 sides flowing in the air.

Simple and very cute, I love the flowers and shoes.

A bit similar to the one above.

I love to look at different wedding invitations and fonts.

These dresses look beautiful on these more curvacious models.

My favorite among the 4: White dress with green satin sash.

Pretty dress and since it is longer all around, it will be very dirty after the wedding? I love her facial expression because you are going to be with the person who took your breath away.

Maybe a bit too much ruffles? It resembles a cake like stature, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

My favorite among the more simple and elegant wedding dresses.

This dress reminds me of a Greek goddess, descending from the sky above. Maybe my most favorite if I had to choose among the bunch.


  1. Awwwww, thanks Hangalo! Yes, the ruffles... LOL. They are easy to walk in.

  2. perfect...i love your design!!


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