The perfect blush "Sunset" by Josie Maran, What's yours?

I've recently went to the biggest mall I have ever been to in my life and I took some pictures of some of the "stores" that stood out to me.   I have yet gone to many malls in my lifetime and so I thought this mall was HUGE, it had EVERYTHING.

The one I was most excited about and stood there and just stared? LANCOME! I have always seen LANCOME at Macys, but never on its own. It is very chic, I love the huge poster of Julia Roberts, and it was awesome how they had lipsticks displayed in the back glass window, each had its own glass compartment. I love the way LANCOME displayed their products, the structure, and overall design of its store.  

I did not know until recently that MAC was owned by Estee Lauder, but of course, MAC was always packed.

ORIGINS, I was not well aware of this brand until later on, but the appearance and structure was very eco friendly, well that's the basis of it's brand. I really like the way they hung the containers of their products on display in strings and all their products were individually displayed in its own space.

Of course, they had a sale of their best cleansers, exfoliator, and moisturizer for $25.00 =)

Don't you love the pink and the colors and the displayed of these Benefit counters? So welcoming and feminine. I think Macys was promoting an event/contest for Sex In The City 2.  

Origins at Macys! ( I never saw this before either!)

Lancome promoting gifts w/purchase!

My favorite part of the day was going to the mega beauty authority Sephora and found an incredibly beautiful texture and color cream blush, "Sunset" by Josie Maran. <3 <3

 The picture here is much more red than the actual color in the store. It was a very light peachy  color and its texture was super creamy and soft, it brought a soft irredescent glow to the cheeks. I was in love, but it was $22. I am not familar with this brand but I heard about the product as I was browsing through the Korres Lip butters.  He told his friend that "will love it because it stays on all day and the color is great!" ( I had thought he was a professional/famous makeup artist) and I had to check it out for myself!

Other products I was able to try:

I already had mascara on prior to trying the following mascaras, the result may be different if I had clean lashes.  Have you tried these products?

+Buxom Lash by Bare Essentuals: volumizes eyelashes up to 300%
I was hoping for dramatic, big lashes, but it was not anything spectacular other than giving some volume and lenght.

+Diorshow Mascara: one of the best mascaras on the market
Maybe the tester tube was a bit dry, but it wasn't amazing either in terms of lenght nor volume.

+Imju Wig Mascara: originated in Japan, supposedly gives "false lash results"
It's the exact same one I had before, it really does elongates your lashes like no other mascara ue to the bits of fibers in the brushes. Not great for volume. It does not smear nor gives you the panda eyes. It's super easy to take off when it comes in contact with warm water, you can just "pull it off."

Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation: delivers air brushed effects
The make up artist sprayed the foundation onto a huge kabuki brush and it was incredibly easy to apply. Just like other liquid foundations, although this is a spray, if there are blothces of dry skin, it will show. I just felt that she applied too much on my skin, but it was very light and rather matte since I told her I had oily skin. Great foundation, close to airbrush effect, but it was $60.

Has anyone tried the Perricome MD Pore Refiner? I had spoke to one of the Sephora's skin expert and told her my search for a product to reduce the size of pores and she reccomended this product out of all the others.  I was able to get a small sample, but has anyone tried this?

Have a great Sunday everyone! Comment if you can and let me know your thoughts=)


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