Gaga over Daisies

What is the most creative "thing" you have done with makeup? Last night I attempted a spider stuck in the window, but it wasn't anything really creative, but it does sound strange doesn't it? Spider stuck, no, entangled, in a window.  Although it wasn't great, my camera's flash is not working and I was unable to capture it.

Have you seen this video with the Lady Gaga inspired makeup? All the black theatrical paint seems so thick, how'd they actually take it off after the tutorial?  I love the idea of using the mask as a template to dab on glitter and loose eyeshadow powder, so creative.  This video is very popular on YouTube and I can imagine why. I was really into the makeup artist's hair, I don't think I can ever pull anything like that off.   It seems odd that since this is a makeup tutorial done by a professional makeup artist, the model  really does have beautiful features, but her acne was very appearant, too much shiny makeup,  but those flaws were not comparable to the beautiful mask in the end.

I am very into "calligraphy," more like "cursive" writing styles. When I was in college, I even bought the calligraphy set from ebay, but I never really used it, nor learned how.  I have been thinking, well, what if I started Beyou's very own "wire names" accessories, I cannot specifically identify the uses for them yet, but I will.  I want to be able to combine my love for "cursive/calligraphy" writing and crafts with wire. I have seen some wired names made from gold, sterling silver, and wire, but most of them seem very thick, I  would like mine to be thinner.  The ones I have started making don't even look wearable, but there's something about them I personally like.  All I have to do now is to find a use for them.  I would like to name the collection or series "Thu Hang On," or "Hang in There Daisies" but does it seem too self center with my middle and first name in the first one and my first name in the second?  * selfish smile* Actually, I like "Hang in there Weeds" more, the plant/grass "weeds," because they are resilient and strong and that's what I want this collection to represent. Resilient. However, they are pesky to pull  from the ground and imagine googling up the name, it may give negative connotations I may not want to associate with.

A very good friend of mine is getting married in August and I will be dedicating a wedding post, well, scans of wedding dresses very soon. I get so excited whenever a friend is about to be wed, it's a huge milestone in an individual's life, yet, it can become such a hassle. Congratulations Kim & Connor!

I have never gone.  Next year, 2011, I will take my mom and that is one of my to dos. Giving a deadline really helps me to work faster and harder.


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