Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup 2010 "Be the Wavin' Flag"

Is anyone super estatic for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa? or the NBA's Final Championship between the Lakers and Boston Celtics? I am not a big sports fan, but with these two major events, it makes the summer a little bit more exciting!

(It is a crime, or should be a crime that some athletes are so heavenly built, not to mention the handsome faces, and are so extremely gifted in sports!)

As I have stated, I am not familiar with the world of sports, but it makes you think of the vast capabilities and potentials that individuals can have. We are familiar with the saying  everyone has a unique gift, a special talent, but some stand out more than others and dedicate their entire lives to them. We need to find what we love and put in the endless hours, hard work, patience, become amazingly good at it.  I wonder if all these world class athletes were told as children they would be someone great one day? In such places as the United States, there are opportunities given to those with talent or those that have the "will" but in other places, even if you have the will, without the money and connections, goals and dreams can become unattainable.

[Did anyone told Cristiano Ronaldo he would be one of the most amazing soccer/"futbol" player in the

I have 4 nephews and I want them to know that they have unlimited potentials, they can accomplish anything they want, and never let anyone tell them they are not good enough. Some of us are fortunate to have parents and family members who encourage us to strive for the stars and the moons, even the galaxy! "CONQUER THE WORLD," they say. Some of us already have formed images of ourselves and our capabilities at a young age, "knowing" we cannot do this or that. I wan them to know despite what they do or do not achieve,  or despite their grades, I will always be very proud of them. I will always believe in them and support them. All children should be able to hear "you can do it" and know that their love ones will continuously love and support them.

We cannot control certain attributes that we have nor the events that happen in our lives, even bad things happen to good people.  Life has a lot of surprises, but I believe that one of the most important factor to becoming a bit closer to our dreams in life is to not give up. 

 How many people have been told no countless times, yet over trials and tribulations, became a success? Many. You can do it! When others tell you "NO,", it's just a small test to see how much you want it. Even if you have been told you are a failure and you will not amount to what you think you would, don't listen. Be that "Wavin' Flag"

"You can fall over and over again and countless mistakes, but if you keep trying, you're a winner in my books."

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