innovation is the key

Have you ever felt that you will succeed at that goal? Or that you know in your heart, you will be able to achieve it? Yet, you're not there? Often times, we envision certain goals and achievements that we believe are so attainable, but we have yet done anything to get there, as if you are stuck in a rut.  How do you get out of a rut? Look at other people who are doing amazing stuff, eat plenty of fruits, and start doing what makes you excited! Do something different and be AMAZING AT IT!

There have been countless ingenious and creative photoshoots/layouts for fashion, but I've recently stumbled upon this one from Forever21. I simply like it  because its a reminder to be creative, F21 can probably add a dinosaur and the idea would still work. Its incredible how some people are so incredibly creative that they make anything look amazing.  The future lies in innovation and creating what others haven't seen of before.

I am the outer appearance person when it comes to aesthetics ( I am not even sure if that was used correctly), but I will buy something if I like its outer appearance. A pencil. A notebook. A bottle, a box.  This fragrance from Victoria Secret is so beautiful! I love the resemblance of the water paint like texture of the flowers and the yellow top adds a bright and happy touch to it. Packaging of products is incredibly important! I would love just the bottle itself and put origami stars into them or wishes, or sales goals! =)

I've recently subscribed to springwise and getting my dosage of creative ideas around the world and I think it's a great resource for entrepreneurs.  They cover everything from retail, beauty, automotive, tourism and travel, etc! Below are some from the retail industry, but there are vast ideas! Check them out =)

  • pop up container clinics in Haiti
  • British retailer issue bonds with returns paid in chocolate =)
  • Butcher shop installs vending machine for service 24/7 (who would've thought?)
  • Vending Paris sells fragrance in metro
  • Gardens for rent by season, with plants PRE-PLANTED
  • Restaurant lists carbon footprints for each menu item
  • Greeting cards fold out into mini gardens
  • Instructable restaurant
  • Hotel service includes chef going to farmers market

NEXT, BEYOUMAKEUPSHOP ON WHEELS! =) Imagine a makeup truck, similar to a lunch truck, driving city to city, with makeup and makeup artists coming into your home town =)  


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