Don't let acne make you feel bad about yourself! 3 products that may help =)

Earlier in this year, I had mentioned and talked to one of my friend about the many surprises life has to offer, life sure does have its surprises that can be so wonderful.  I've been able to expect life's worst and life's best in my 24 years of life, I hope many more wonderful things will come along =)  I'll make sure to remember, no matter what, keep on going because every storm has a beautiful rainbow at the end, stand tall.

As I stated, this post will contain the products I have been using as my cleansing/treat acne/acne scars for this week.  Please do take everything with a grain of salt, just because they've worked for me, they may not work for you. Only you know your skin best, these are merely reviews/suggestions. I am not a skin expert/dermatologist/nor very knowledgeable, these are just my opinions from my personal experiences. 

 I know the pictures don't show that I have the "amount" I currently have, I actually had more popped up spontaneously prior to using these products. When I was in high school, I had so much acne (zits, pimples, GIANT ZITS & PIMPLES) on my forehead and the rest of my face that I felt I was the ugliest person in the world.  I guess these acne/skin problems/etc... can make us feel so horrible about ourselves and "define" our place in society by our physical attributes, but somehow, deep down in there, don't you think it make us stronger? Help us to be stronger on the inside, force us to help deal with changes and who we think we are before letting others decide that for us.

I exercised, ate healthy, maybe slept late too often, but it took many years for these horrible self confident "testers" to go away.  If you are suffering with acne, like the rest of my younger nephews are, start healthier habits, such as, drinking lots of water, eating  healthy food with lots of fruits and vegetables, wash, tone, etc...However, even if you do all these, it is not a guaranteed that those devils will be gone.  Often times going through puberty or even post puberty, hormonal changes can cause fluctuate when they will pop up , just know, over time, acne will go away, with some scars here and there.

 Noxema I love this because it contains eucalyptus and it really makes your face TINGLY! It makes my face feel cool, tingly, refresh, and super awesome! I'm telling you, it really does wake up your face! I feel like too many drugstore facial cleansers claim to do so much for pores, but I'm not really sure if they do, but they do all claim that on their bottles.  However, this product doesn't seem to be too great as a makeup remover.

Bio Oil claims specialist skincare for
  • scars
  • stretch marks
  • uneven skintone
  • aging skin
  • dehydrated skin
Nic from Pixiwoo (Amazing and super awesome YouTube makeup gurus) uses this and its one of her most loved product! This Bio Oil is super awesome for dehydrated skin because it will replenish & transform your skin so that it will be super soft to touch! Although it is essentially oil, its consistency is not super thick or as thick as, for example, olive oil. With a couple drops, it should be enough for your skin and make sure to massage it onto your face and neck well. I am very satisfy with the overall improvements it has made on my skin (uneven skin tone, softer skin, the scars will take longer to go away), but it states to use it for at least 3 months, I will continue the updates.

 Bye Bye Blemish Drying Lotion
I had decided to go with this product because not of the picture, but "Used by Hollywood make-up artist!s"  I didn't understood the "Drying Lotion" part until after I had used it nor did I read the directions carefully.  Dip the cotton swab into the PINK sediment onto your pimple/zit/acne spots, not the clear liquid as I had done, and over a couple of days,  they will be less red and dry up faster than other acne spot treatments I've tried in the past.  Some may take more than others to dry and to go away, but it is a great product thus far.  I will continue to use it and if it really does work with acne, I'll sure to send my friends some and hopefully it'll work for their acne as well. **Since it is a "Drying Lotion," if you use it, make sure to moisturize those spots more often.

End result? When we are attack by a problem, such as acne, make sure to give it time.  Don't pile on products and products because too much may not be good, give it time between trying different products =)

P.s. Exciting news from Beyoumakeupshop to be announced soon! =)


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