Sunday, September 5, 2010

summer skincare + going out looks

 Summer is fantastic, but it has been horrible for my skin, but have no fear, if you've been suffering from these not-so-nice symptoms, have no fear! I've been trying out different products that I found to be helpful in reducing these horrible monsters =) I shall list them in the next post and hopefully they'll be able to help you.
  • acne popping up like weeds on the front lawn within a week (they go away and come back within a month)
  • acne scars =( dark spots
  • dry skin, even after the use of moisturizer
  • uneven skintone
  • sunburnt 

 Dressing up and going out  looks 
*Skin type: super oily
*Skin problem:  Left side of the face always has horrible acne/skin problems
     **Left eye always has some dark circles/pigmentation underneath= LEFT side of face =PROBLEM CHILD
 **My left eyelid is smaller than the right...sigh= uneven eyeliners.

**P.S. In case you have yet to notice, my eyebrows are uneven. The right one is well groomed and shaped vs. that of the left, I will have to grow out and reshape it again =( )

 Products Used for both faces:
-Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer  (<3 this product-great for ladies who want to reduce oil from the face, evens out the skin tone, and look more awake without using makeup)
-Missha BB cream #23 (not a bad job in covering up spots)

Rimmel Eyebrow pencil

-Estee Lauder Eye palette (pics of the palette will be updated soon)
-Maybelline Colossal mascara (it seems clumpy in the pictures)
-NYC Eyeliner

Maybelline cream blush (<3 beautiful & natural!)

-Wet n Wild lipstick (color to be updated next post)
-Estee Lauder lipgloss
=<3 this combination!

 But you know what is great about summer? I'm going back to school and learning things I've always wanted to. I'm enrolling in some business management classes to learn marketing, business plans, budgeting, etc... I love community colleges, I think they're community colleges are amazing because of the opportunities they give individuals to learn what their heart desires. Not to mention, the Board of Governors fee waivers to help pay for classes. Its not to late, try and take some classes! I'll be a student for life =)

Have a great labor day weekend!
<3 Hang

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  1. Thanks for the tips.Difficult for those who have the problem of acne breaking out with adverse weather changes.I know many products also can not be used then due to the sensitivity of the skin.