Wet n Wild & NYX Lipstick Swatches

Before closing out the day, I just wanted to show you guys some swatches of some awesome NYX lipsticks from their Black Label line and my favorite so far from Wet n Wild.

Wet n Wild
  • the color pay off is great because it is very pigmented
  • matte finish (no gloss/shimmer)
  • may be a tad (little bit) dry just as other lipsticks with matte finishes ( I'd reccomend wearing it with a clear gloss if you'd like to keep the colour of the lipstick)
  • $2.99! =)

This lipstick is extremly pigmented w/a matte finish (no shimmer, no gloss)

Wet n Wild ( I will udpate the color tomororw) *without flash*

*with flash*

Wet n Wild color above vs. Revlon's Pink Pout (more lilac undertone)

Estee Lauder's lipgloss

What the two colors look like with lipgloss on top

The  5 NYX lipsticks I was able to swatch on my hand felt really soft, had nice finishes, were extremely pigmented, and lasted for a very long time ( I left the swatches on my hand the whole day).
  • Hot Pink
  • Dusty Rose
  • Cancun Pink (very similar, extremely similar to Hot Pink)
  • Tribute to Marilyn
    How pretty are the tubes?! I'm a sucker for designs.

    NYX Dusty Rose

    NYX Hot Pink

     Hot Pink vs. Dusty Rose

    NYX Cancun Pink

    NYX Tribute to Marilyn

    Pretty color I forgot to write down the name =(

    Beautiful nude color, something "Sand"
    I purchased this NYX lip gloss "Pink" because it was a pretty pink/peachy tone ( a bit more pink than in the picture)


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