Fall 2010 Dark eyes & bold lips vs. Dark eyes & glowing cheeks

Dark eyes & bold lips vs. Dark eyes & glowing cheeks

Fall 2010



Diane Von Furstenburg's 2010 Fall Runway Makeup trend of a woman " changing, evolving like a butterfly." He "layered lids and undereyes with a black cream shadow, and gave the inner corners a little sparkle" and the result "is multidimensional eye makeup that looks a little different from each angle."

My trial

I've adapted this look to be softer for this upcoming Fall season, something more "wearable" for my personal taste, with some color into the inner corner. I've always added glowing cheeks with a bronzer and highlighter and , semi nude matte lips with touch of "bronzey" eyeshadow.

*Whenever I practice with makeup, I don't often create the same look for both of my eyes. It's usually 1 look for 1 eye, another look for the other, or another version of it with something different. (Just in case you wonder why I look so strange nor uniform)


I've been wanting to use products(eyeshaodows) from Beyoumakeupshop Victoria Secret Bare Bronze Palette "Heat Mirage" (currently available for $8.99) & Bourjois Pastel Matt eyeshadow in "Blu Suprenant 80" (currently available for $7.50) to showcase how they can be used and their quality.

I just love these 2!


Products Used:


-Clinique Superbalanced makeup foundation (I am starting to really like this)


-(Primer) CoverGirl Trublend Whipped Foundation Base in Medium Light

-Victoria Secret Bare Bronze "Heat Mirage" eyeshadow palette ( I really love this for Fall, the colors are so "Fall" & gorgeous!)-

-Bourjois Pastel Matt eyeshadow "Bleu Suprenant" (It is matte and it can change any day time look into "night"
-NYC liquid eyeliner (cheap & nice felt tip pen) "Jet Black"

-Estee Lauder Deluxe Eyeshadow palette


-Smashbox's Conversion Foundation to Powder in #8 (will soon be available @ Beyoumakeupshop)

-Victoria Secret Bare Bronze "Heat Mirage" palette

-Benefit's High Beam

-Smashbox's white cast hilighter (available @ Beyoumakeupshop)


-Wet N' Wild Mega Last Matte lipstick (these are my favorite, they're beautiful!) in #902C

- Victoria Secret Bare Bronze "Heat Mirage" palette (for the sparkly touch upon the lips)


Products Used


-Missha BB Cream #23


-(Primer) CoverGirl Trublend Whipped Foundation Base

-Victoria Secret Bare Bronze "Heat Mirage"

-Bourjois Matt Eyeshadow "Blu Suprenant"

-Estee Lauder Kohl eyeliner "Black"


Victoria Secret Bare Bronze "Heat Mirage"


Creme de la Chrome lip color "Razzle Dazzle" -Amazing payoff & pigmentation! It has this incredibly gorgeous glow/sheen/bronze, I can't describe it, but it is beautiful!
Added Black Radiance "Sensuous Grapes" lip color

What I will want to work on in the future:

- Add dimensionI can't seem to add dimension to the eyes with the layering of colors, after blending the colors, they become to look very monotone.


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