The Face Shop products come to Beyoumakeupshop!

Beyoumakeupshop has now added a Korean base brand, THE FACE SHOP, products containing natural ingredients that smell really good! Even if you don't get them from our shop, try them! I'm so excited because they are totally awesome! Before I always wanted to try Korean products but they were so difficult to get a hold of, but now, it's better =)  I am very into skin these days because I've always had acne & other skin issues =)  Puberty and the teenager years are over, but these problems are still here.

I'm excited and I hope you find these products useful/helpful if you'd decide to try them! From my personal experience, I have always been more hesitant when it comes to trying out new skincare products versus that of makeup products. Why? Because with makeup products, you can see the results right away, you can see whether the foundation is right for your skin or if the concealer will cover the blemishes, etc...  

However, with skincare products, it takes time for results to happen, but these products that I've chosen have had really positive reviews and people who use them see in a short amount of time. Have you ever tried any products from THE FACE SHOP?

Please visit our website to see others products here --> Beyoumakeupshop
I'm excited about them because I personally like them a whole lot and I think they are very useful & helps our skin, well, mine and yours. Below are the products and why I picked them out personally.

This peeling gel contains moist Pomegranate grains that supply moisture and exfoliate skin surface to make skin soft and resilient.
- It is awesome because once you put it on your skin and massage it, you can see the dirt and dead skin cells coming off and it does reveal softer skin underneath. Try it with one hand/side of the face & compare it o the other side. 

 2.The Face Shop Beautiful Jeong Yeon Cleansing Oil Gel
 Refreshing cleansing oil gel to fight blackheads and excess sebum while removing oil-based makeup.

3. The Face Shop Clean Face White Post- Acne Nightime Spot Eraser
Deep penetrating formula with patent blemish control ingredient protects and helps repair damaged skin tissue overnight.  Provides intense care for blotchy redness and marks left from breakouts as well as unwnated discoloration.
4. The Face Shop Simple Draw Liquid Eyeliner
Simple, compact, and waterproof mascara 

Specifically formulated with extracts of Sea Buckhorn, also known as the Vitamin Tree for its abundance of vitamin. This light and fast absorbent cream clarifies and hydrates while inhibiting the formation of melanin to leave skin luminous and clean.

The Face Shop Okara Cushion Mask
The Okara Cushion Mask made from tofu, which can be peeled-off after spreading it on your face and leaving it for fifteen to twenty minutes!

The Face Shop Pomegranate Fine Foam Facial Cleanser
A delicately foaming cleanser with botanical extracts and powder thoroughly removes unwanted oil, dirt and make-up, leaving skin perfectly clean and soft

8. The Face Shop Lavender Fine Foam Facial Cleanser
A delicately foaming cleanser with botanical extracts and powder thoroughly removes unwanted oil, dirt and make-up, leaving skin perfectly clean and soft.

10. The Face Shop Herb Day Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover

Saturated in herbal cleansing complex with Cassia Extract, these makeup remover pads are made to provide gentle cleansing for eye area. (They are really good & extremely soft on the skin around the eyes, not to mention, smells wonderful!)

As Winston Churchill stated, "Never, Never, Never...Give In." 

 Even though I'm not where I'd like to be at this point career wise &  financially, you know what? I'm doing something that makes me excited and so passionate about. It makes me excited to learn and find about new products and figuring out what products people like, what they use, and what works for them. I believe everything happens for a reason, so even in doubts, keep going =)
"Your skin is gorgeous!"
I don't know if you're "crazy" like I am, but whenever I see women/girls with beautiful skin and/or beautiful makeup, I just want to run up to them and tell them "Your skin is gorgeous!" or "I love the way you do your makeup. What products do you use?" Well, that's what I've been doing. I have a fairly good memory when it comes to faces and I always try to notice those around me. If you ever see me running up to you and asking these 2 questions, I don't mean to be rude, I'm just curious because your skin is beautiful in my eyes & your makeup techniques as well.

Recently, I've had many zits coming out of nowhere, left and right on my face, around my mouth! >< Why?! It may be from staying up late and working on these projects.

****P.S. I know, I know, I said I moved the blog to Tumblr, Wordpress, and now I'm back to blogger again?! I'm sorry, I tend to want to try a lot of different options before I stick with one. =) Even though there are not as many followers and readers, I left Blogger and came back because of the community here, I felt kind of lonely in the blogs world with Tumblr & Wordpress =(


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