First time wearing red lips & tights

Have you ever sufferd one of those times where you  put on makeup and the right lip color, even a new hairstyle--most important of all, you think you look nice. When the pictures come out- "What?! Is that how I look on cameras?!" *Runs away and hides face*

Last night for friend's birthday party- I wore red lipstick for the first time, it was a goregous matte red with hint of orange. My FIRST TIME wearing such a strong color. I was using a foundation that I had thought was a bit too light before- but knowing me, I forgot. I had looked at myself in the mirror  and gave myself the thumbs up*Thumbs up* before leaving the house.

My face looked like a semi round shaped ball that is pale white!

The lesson here is despite what you end up "looking like" on cameras- angles and lights do play major roles in how one looks in pictures, picutres don't necessarily capture everything. Experiementing with differerent makeup colors, hair styles,  and clothes is great because it builds character and helps you to get out of what you have been used to. At the end of the night, , if you, yourself like what you have on and you feel good about yourself- let it be and be glad you tried new things *hehe* I'm glad I did, really.   I wish I had more guts to do this more often.

First time wearing red lipstick and "tights"= felt super cool and awesome for going out of my comfort zones. I always felt stockings weren't meant for me because my calves are too big and red is too much. 
A red lipstick makes such a subtle, yet strong statement.  Red lips are beautiful and powerful.

Do you remember the first time you wore red lipsticks?


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