humid weather & dry skin

I know there are a lot of beauty gurus and females out there who have the heart of an entrepreneur, therefore,  I think INC is super useful.  I subscribe to their newsletters and I get a lot of really useful and interesting articles, not to mention lessons on leadership, marketing, sales, etc.. =) I highly recommend this site! Try it and let me know if it's useful for you =)

During my visit to Wisconsin a couple months ago, I used my Rimmel's Fix & Perfect Primer, liquid eyeliner, some blush, and a darker red lipstick with hair tied in a bun. I recently realize that my skin does better and has less zits in places that are more humid. This is strange since my skin was very oily- but now it is rather dry, even before Fall approache!

If your skin has recently become more dry due to increase in temperature as October is ending, try what I've been doing for this past week- use olive oil.  I just put some on my face and leave it over night because my other moisturizers haven't done a good enough job.

I do not know if its the olive oil nor the increase in my intake of water, the new Face Shop Acne face wash I've been using, or the new Face Shop Post Acne treatment- or maybe the weather- or all these combine, but my skin seems to better, especially under the eyes and the cheeks. My pores are not as visible and it has been more smooth.  I still have my acne spots that I am working on, do you know of any products for acne marks?

 I usually never really dress up nor put much makeup for school- but I was so excited to try out my new mascara (click here to visit my previous post on it) It definitely gave me volume, but you have to give it 2 or more coats, the 1st coat may not do it. 

Midterms will be coming up soon and I will be studying  a lot more because I like my classes and the materials I'm learning, especially my Excel class!  If you haven't learn Excel, you should start taking a class for it because it is so fun, really.  It is sort of like a magical crystal ball that can forsee the future, but of numbers, calculations, percentages, or even savings rate.

I will stay focus!
Have a wonderful night -)


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