I need to challenge myself (letter to self)

Today I walked and walked from place to place in the rain- I was at times very discouraged to keep doing what I did. I didn't have to- but it is what I need to, for myself. 

Since my internship with the Southwestern Company-selling books door to door- I told myself I would not let myself regret chances/opportunities again. I did not do as great as I had wanted to with the internship. That summer of selling books was suppose to instill in me strong work ethics- to push me to my limits and beyond. It did.  I promise myself from then on that I would not give up on myself because "things" I will encounter are difficult. Each experience, I would push myself to do better, to be better.

For me, I feel that I need to go through many difficult and challenging experiences so that I can grow, define myself, and be that person I've always wanted to be.

This is my barely second day-but I am proud of myself for walking and walking (well, driving too) when I felt that I should have gone home.

Not everyone need your service- and that is fine. Keep on knocking, the more "No's" will lead you to greater and more "Yes's" (is that correct?)

If what I need has not come to be- I will go out and chase it. (Not in a horrible bad way, in a good way)

If you have a vision, a goal- be like the Energizer Bunny and keep going =)


  1. You're doing Southwestern again? Are you still in San Jose?


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