Fall Night 2010 Look (my most improved makeup work so far)

I'm blogging crazy tonight. I've been practicing with makeup once again.

One problem I have is I don't know how to fill in my brows, I have watched many YouTube gurus' tutorials on the art of filling in brows, but I can't do it yet. Is it because all the hairs are growing in one way and they should be trimmed more?

Primer & foundations
stippling brush & method

New thing I've tried is mixing my Rimmel's Fix (left) & Perfect Face Primer & my Missha BB cream #23 together (right). BB creams are great because they are suppose to help with blemishes and it's good for your skin, yet the color choices are rather limited, and well, it comes off with a "white cast." it's one of the recent hottest products in Asia.

Therefore I mixed it with my Fix & Perfect (left) to give it some color, mattify the skin, and to even out the skin tone.

Why I rarely wear foundations
Like I've mentioned in my previous posts, I don't wear fondations unless I go to special events, but I do try to wear eye makeup. I want my face to look natural and well, I don't want to try to look too different from how I naturally am.   

If I do go out, I just apply my Rimmel's Fix & Perfect Face Primer + setting powder. However, if I do wear foundations, I usually just use a flat brush from ELF's. 

I've recently bought a "stippling" brush and it's incredibly soft! It's the softest thing I've ever touch. People say when you stipple your foundation on, it's suppose to give a more flawless and "air-brush" effect. Therefore I tried this method with this brush for the 1st time...& voila...
With flash
I think this brush did a really good job, even if the bristle are rather more delicate and incredibly soft. It does look more smooth & softer than when I just use my hands or a flat brush. I really like this method!

Here is what the foundation looks like on the side of my face with the acne spots &holes. Stippling helps to fill in those holes rather than just to swipe them on, as a flat brush or our hands may do.

Here is the foundation with the other side of my face, the nicer side, except I had a few dry spots (as you can see near the mouth).


I'm most proud of myself for today's look because it's my most complete makeup look I have ever done on myself, especially for the eyes; since I'm still relatively inexperience and new. Inspired by fall colors as the base and the family of "purples."

My most favorite part of this look are the eyes and sort of Fall 2010 Makeup Trend inspired of  the more natural lip stain. 

*Stippling brush 
-Missha BB Cream #23
-Rimmel's Fix & Perfect Face Primer ( I love this!)
-Bare Minerals "Mineral Veil"

*Primer: CoverGirl Whipped Cream Base
-Wet n' Wild Eyeshadow palette in "Lust" (OMG. I love this! Very pigmented, great choices of colors, and cheaper than other palettes!)
-Wet n Wild eye pencil in "graphite" (green)
-Victoria Bare Bronze "Heat Mirage" eyeshadow palette
-The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing mascara

-Victoria Secret Bronze "Heat Mirage" eyeshadow palette
-Wet n Wild Matte lipstick "903C"

-Wet n Wild Matte lipstick "910D" (Red)
-NYX Lipgloss "Pink"


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