What to be for Halloween, What do you think of Beyou’s new products, & Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Matte Lipsticks are too awesome!

"Creative Director" @ Sephora

"Creative Director" in front of San Francisco Airport's Sephora, (although I do wish they had more international, well Asian brands)
......maybe one day, I will be able to work for them & find my talents (marketing, sales, communication, customer relations, etc... =)
... I do try to save time to practice with makeup & well, this was my "creative" creation. Can you guess what I was? The twigs on the sides of the cheekbones really do contour the face and make it slimmer
Do you see cherry blossoms anywhere?
I've been in falling in love w/ Wet N Wild Mega Last Matte Lipsticks & this one is gorgeous! They're usually $3.00 & they are incredibly pigmented!
Here's the swatch of the color above, but it is a bit darker and more pink/red than the pictures make them appear to be.
Wet n Wild Mega Lipstick Matte (Nude) w/Elizabeth Arden

Should we have this in our shop? It's a bath scrub! Cute?
Or this? (it's a fish bird I assume)
Beyoumakeupshop notebooks? =)
A picture outside my local public library when the sun was setting, isn't it goregous? There's something beautiful and warm about fall approaching.

{1st official Tumblr Beyoumakeupshop post}


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