Sunday, October 17, 2010

Which will help your eyelashes to grow longer? The result of Castor Oil vs. Sweet Oil with Almond

Sweet Oil With Almond vs. Castor Oil
Which product won in the race for naturally enhancing the growth of my eyelashes within a time frame of 3 weeks?

My eyelashes after applying both for 4 days (Left eye: Sweet Oil w/Almond vs. Right eye: Castor Oil)

3 weeks later...the results:
Now I actually look like I have eyelashes growing out of my eyes, like the way eyes are suppose to be=) WHOOO!!!

Prior to using these 2 products, my lashes were rather sparse and very short; not to mention thin.  Even after applying mascaras, they didn't really look like much of anything because they always droop down anyways.  I realized it was the eyelash curler I was using (Revlon, I think) sucked and did not do much. Even after I curled them, the lashes would droop down again. Until one day, Xteener from Youtube stated that she heats her eyelash curler with her blow dryer and that is what I have been doing since then (ELF's eyelash curler for $1.00 is a great product). This trick of heating up the curler is really fantastic, I guess it's the same idea as a hot curling iron or hair straightener, so if you'd like your lashes to stay up and curled, try heating it up with a blow dryer for a couple of seconds. For me, even if my eyelashes are longer and thick after applying mascara, if they don't curl and stay up, it kind of defeats the purpose, so try this heating trick! =)

In the end, both the Castor Oil & Sweet Oil with Almond really helped my eyelashes to grow much longer, you can see the differences in as fast as 3-4 days.  I know the picture does make them appear to be the same length, but in all honesty, I feel that the Sweet Oil with Almond helped my lashes to grow a bit faster and longer than the Castor Oil did. These 2 products work a lot faster and better for me than when I had tried to grow them with vaseline. I also applied these to my eyebrows, but they didn't really help them to grow out that much; these products are better for the lashes.  I will continue to use Sweet Oil from now on.

The Castor Oil's texture is a bit thicker than the Sweet Oil With Almond, but they're both very similar to the texture of Olive oil.  They both don't really have much "scent" to them and they are not at all sticky =)

Try these 2 products & let me know how they turned out for you.

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  1. I remember reading that blow drying trick on my eyelash curlers package! Never tried it though.
    I hope I can find the Sweet Oil with Almond here now! Where'd you pick it up from?