1 YouTube video all make up artist should watch!

This is one of my top favorite YouTube makeup video from Make Up Atelier Paris because the makeup artist is amazing! You have to watch to see how the model's face was able to transformed! Eyebrows are reshaped, well moved and replaced, there's depth and definition in the eyes, cheekbones sculpted, and it's incredible! I'm not a makeup artist, but I do love watching makeup videos and learning for myself, if you are a makeup artist, this is a must watch!


This next video is from the same makeup school in Paris- the application of the color (blue) is just so beautiful!


  1. Hangy! Thanks for all the sweet comments. I luv uuuu.

    Oh, I watched the Makeup Atelier videos on your blog and they're sooooo amazing. It looks like everything is cream though, which is surprising it sets. Then I started watching them on youtube and then I began wondering why I had never heard of them and what their name means. Atelier is an art workroom... cool... Thanks for finding this. It was very interesting.


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