Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I tried to be a model! =) Extreme eyes

I went outside of my comfort zone and tried something different with my look and I had just dyed my hair. I tried to emmulate this look, including the pose from the original model.

I tried contouring the nose, exaggerate the cheekbones, and failed at the pose because I didn't know my hands were the opposite side. It was so much fun to step outside of my comfort zone!*P.S. if you look closely at my nails, you can tell there are color smearings around my finger- I used my Smashbox cream eyeliner for my nail colors ! =)
Original picture

Can you see the contouring of the nose?


  1. WHOA! That looks really cool! What color did you dye your hair? It looks pretty!

  2. Oh wow! Tutorial? That look is really extreme, but would be so fun for a night out clubbing!

  3. @ Nancy: I had used Loreal Feria (the silver box) in #73, something very close to blonde. The top part of my head came out well, but the rest still looks relatively black/dark brown =) I will dye it once more soon, 2 bottles.

    @ Kinsey: Thanks Kinsey! I mostly used use a cream base black eyeshadow and applied liquid eyeliner on top and just extend out the cat eyes =)

  4. hotness hangu! love ur nail color