No blue, smokey black eyes instead

I would love to try green contacts in the future

For this look, I used Revlon Colorstay Foundation and I didn't like it. I didn't like it when I used it before and I had thought, I can try it again.  The coverage is relatively in the medium range, but it just appears a bit thick and cakey not a nice of a texture.  Maybe makeup artists love this foundation, but maybe it is me, not applying it correctly.

I did this about a week ago, I'm not sure if I applied moisturizer and primer or not- maybe that's why. Or maybe because of the color I chose, it's too dark for my skin tone? The "Stippling brush" I had used isn't a real stippling brush and it took a while to stipple, so I just applied this w/a normal foundation brush.

 I always wished for world peace as a younger kid.

I was trying on some fake individual lashes, they look a bit scary?
Always try to apply makeup in natural light because indoor lights play tricks on you and your makeup may look for better or worse in real life =(

In terms of eyeshadow, I just used various colors I had from my palettes.The model's beautiful green eyes really helps to bring more focus toward her eyes, but it's a bit more difficult for brown eyes to have that same effect. The actual picture's shadow contains more blue and darker lips- I couldn't find any dark lip colors at the time and the blue eyeshadow I had was off running somewhere. Practice, I will keep on practicing.

I just recently purchased Loreal's True Match Foundation and some wedge sponge because this drug store foundation is suppose to be great! I remember during college, my friend Tara had helped me with my makeup before going out and she used this. I love the way it looked on her skin, it appeared as if she had nothing on at all.

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