88 Neutral Eye palette + 28 Smoky eye palettes are here!

I'm finally going to sleep.

I have been working really hard on the new layout for Beyoumakeupshop...o_0
Here are the new items that just arrived! (They'll be updated once I publish the new layout, it's not on the current website right now. Just 1 or 2 more days!) Awesome! Christmas is almost here! Beyoumakeupshop will be giving out prizes soon! =)

I feel so proud of myself, not to gloat or anything because of course it's not amazing like other professional websites, but I've gone a long way from a simple blog into what it will be. I'm still very frustrated with how I can not remove the border for the "View Cart" button from PayPal.

Before it was difficult to add my personal touches to the website because of my lack of knowledge of coding and such but thank goodness for awesome start up companies who give people like myself resources without knowing the coding skills.  Without such things and program, i can't possibly do any of these stuff.

I always want to be an over achiever and be able to accomplish my goals and I never really like telling people, especially others negative qualities about myself. It is so darn competitive nowadays to find a decent job, I'm still looking for work. After Beyoumakeupshop has been published with its new layout and host, I will be much more proactive in my search of my job! My wonderful job, I know you are waiting for me to find you!

All in all, everything is progress, one step, one thing at a time. It's amazing how life works out. I will keep my heads up and keep doing what I can everyday.


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