Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm grateful for work =)

The weather has been sooo cold here in Northern California, much colder than last year =(  I don't think I can ever imagine myself living anywhere but the warm states, unless its New York and there's no need to drive with the subway/cabs.

Ay, with the 30 for 30 challenge, I have been so uncreative, but now that I'm starting to work, I'll be more out of the box of my typical self and practice wearing different makeup at the same time.

 I'm so grateful because I finally found a part time job and after the first day of work (yesterday), I was so tired and end up sick. From now on, I will make sure to keep myself warm and wear tons of layers of clothing because it is so easy to get sick in this type of weather. One of most dislike situations is being sick- it just makes you feel helpless and weak. I'm gong to make sure I work extra hard and always do my best because I'm so grateful to have found it. How do people work full time, go to school, and still raise their family?! Amazing!

Don't wear open toe shoes to work if you'll be standing all day =( I suffered.

Christmas season is here =)
Plus size clothing at Macy's! The model is gorgeous =)


  1. You look really pretty Hang! I'm glad you found work :)

  2. I like the white shirt! Make sure your feet stay warm when it's cold, so wear boots or closed toe shoes :) Where are you working?

  3. Congrats on landing a job! I am thankful for my job as well! It is tough out there so it is great you found something. Bundle up and keep way, the West coast is going to have a nasty winter I hear!