Tuck it in

Tuck in your shirt: Day 5
I've been tucking in my shirt since I was middle school,  starting with these long and big shorts to my knees.  I guess it's just the right thing to do with a shirt rather to let it hang out? There are very pretty belts now that can limit the act of tucking in a shirt- I guess my brain was so used to it that I didn't even realize it was even so.

It's been very cold lately, I always feel too cold after work while running to the parking lot. My mother and I created a plan that included an extra pair of socks, a tiny blanket ( sometimes finding parking to the house can take a while), a beanie to keep me warm before and after work, and of course, remembering to turn on the heat in the car (I always forget we have such warming devices nowadays). Warm, call me, Hang warm =) *har har*

Slacks: unknown store (?)
Dress shirt: Steven & Barrrys
Shoes: Payless (super comfortable thanks to TrinnyGrinny =)
Jacket: Express

I've been able to walk around Macys and found some really pretty/nice clothing items

A 2 piece

The scarf makes it really cute huh?
Its nice to have simple pieces and something nice inside

Dress sweaters & tights appear to be so comfortable

Such a nice and soft coat!

This coat is nice too! Super soft!

I don't like that skirt

Cute sweater that be worn many times
Sales definitely is incredibly competitive, in this case, not with others, but yourself.  Some salespeople are so charismatic and can win you over.  In sales, you can work incredibly hard but the numbers don't come in. It's easy to loose yourself and constantly think about the numbers so my goal is to be persistent and try to have fun, especially after the holiday sales are over, and research on the products =)

I personally feel that if a piece of clothing is too pretty and too memorable, you can't wear it too many times because your friends would remember you wearing. I like to get the best out of my clothes and want to wear pieces as many times as possible  =)

From now on,  I will not dread for too long nor worry too much if the numbers don't come, I should not take life for granted. I will consistently do my best and do what I can and I want to remember to smile more often.


  1. OOOh Macy's has such cute stuff!!!

    Are you liking your job?! :)


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