Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hustling 30 for 30 challenge and a makeup look every 3 days! =)

A very good friend and family member of mine is doing this challenge, "30 for 30"- a challenge to use 30 items, including shoes to create different outfits, for well, 30 days without shopping. I really love going to her blog Piggly Winks to look at her new outfits and accessories. They are all so creative and beautiful and of course, stylish! I've never really been into fashion because I never really had money to spend on clothes. Through Nancy, I found Kinsey In Kinsey's Closet and I think her blog is great! It shows that an average female's body can look beautiful in all her wonderful outfits! (not to mention I love her confidence)


When I was in elementary, middle, and part of high school, my brother and mom would take me shopping at Sears and I never really picked my own clothes. Well, before my family immigrated to Vietnam, my parents were taylors and my mom would make my clothes for me, very pretty clothes! I had 1 or 2 dress suits, I remember I had a yellow purse that was super long, and some cute dark plum flats that had yellow trims around it. Actually, when I was rather girly, I wore skirts and dresses until I was in 3 or 4th grade. I think from 5th grade and onward, as I grew older, I became more "tom boyish" and wore mostly the basics: a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweater/jacket.

 I  definitely dressed more like this during college because my body shape changed a lot since high school, I gained more weight and I always felt awkward with my giant calves. Sometimes I didn't like trying on clothes or dresses because my legs were too big, the clothes didn't fit right, they were too tight and they would show the "bubbly" and sometimes those items always look better on girls whom were skinner than I was. College was when I had a little bit of money to shop for clothes and whatever else I needed- I always picked things that I could wear multiple times. I never ever think about does that shirt go with that pants? Or how can I pair this today? Even though I was busy, I could have put more efforts and time into my outfits, but that wasn't me.

Do you notice nowadays, younger girls, even small little ones, are wearing boots and tights; they are so pe fashionable! Being 24, close to 25, I still dress more or  less with my basics. I was thinking, maybe I can try to do the 30 for 30?! I'm not very stylish nor very creative with clothes, but I can try! To complement this, I don't want to leave my makeup behind, every 3 days, I will practice a "makeup look." I'm excited and I hope, wait, no hope, I will make sure to find a job soon! I will work harder every day, that's my goal!

Day 1

  Blue stripe shirt: Steve & Barry's 
( I have 4 business shirts from there like this, thank goodness for them for interviews!
Business Coat (?):  Heaven and Terra
Black Jacket: Braetan
Pants/Slacks: Tailor made in Vietnam
Shoes: PayLess

This outfit is a reminder for me to hustle and hustle and work hard if I want to get to where I wan to be.

Thanks Nancy for inspiring me!


  1. Yay, you started the challenge?? Awesome! Thanks for the shout out! I think it is craz how fashion focused younger girls are becoming. There are 14-17 year old girls with blogs who dress so adult! I can't believe it!

  2. you have the most perfect hair! x