Totally awesome Wet n Wild matte lipsticks & eyeshadow palettes swatches

Have you tried Wet n Wild's Lip Outlast (Matte) lipsticks? You should! I first heard about it from itsjudytime via YouTube about these lipsticks- I really really love them a whole lot. What's not to love? They are about $2.99 each, highly pigmented, they last for a very long time, the colors are so GOREGOUS.

The only downside I see from wearing these are since they are matte and fall/winter is approaching, they may be a bit dry. Well my lips are naturally dry, it does vary from person to person.You can always fix that problem by applying some lip balm or chapstick prior to wearing them.

I think they are such great lipsticks, you have 1 and see for yourself. (There's this 1 awesome nude color, yet I couldn't find it) Wait till Walgreens have their 40% off sale =)

My favorite everyday use: (901B)
Light, pale, lotus pink

 The actual color is more red and intense red ((905D)

Actual color is more intense and darker (906D)
In comparison btw this and 905D, this is more the darker red

Actual color is relatively close to the picture, except more pink

One of my  favorite everyday also =) 903C
Actual color is a lot prettier than picture
In comparison to (901B-1st pic), they resemble each other a bit,
but this is more peachy while the other one is more pink

(519A) Wet n Wild's other lipsitck line, glossy finish
Pigmented, but the color doesn't last long at all =(


Wet n Wild's new eye shadow palettes in *Lust (left) & *Pride (right)
These are about $4.99/each- Lust is beautiful for purple/smoky looks
Left side of palettes contain matte while the right contain shimmery colors
They are  soft, pigmented, and last for a good amount of time.
I <3 Lust!

Neutrogena's Moist Freshine Lipsticks are so cute!
I <3 the packaging, it seems so sleek and sophisticated.
Colors are rather subtle, more of a sheer finish.
It's nice because moisturizing and give the lips a tingly feeling!
*Keep in mind I am not sponsored by Wet n' Wild and the light (no-flash) does lighten the color pigmentation a bit. I had bought these a while ago when they had their 40% off sale, thanks to a friend! -)

P.S. Don't fall in...<3 just kidding. I've been stressing a lot lately so my skin has been so horrible. I'm going to be taking Cod Liver Oil (pills) version and see how it works!
Do you notice it? As we grow older, we just become less passionate about certain things and its easier to loose sight of what we want our lives to be 20, 30 years from now. It becomes easier to become frustrated with yourself, your situations, and those around you.  It's only natural because we have more responsibilities, limitations, and other factors entering our lives that we cannot control.  Sometimes I don't find myself smiling or laughing much anymore, but that is not how I used to be.  I used to be more energetic and hopeful- I had a lot of positive energy for life.  In no way am I complaining about my life since there are many others who have much more baggage on their shoulders- but this is just a reminder to myself and those who may be struggling to smile at times, to, simply, SMILE. 

Smile in your sleep, smile when you do the dishess, just say the word "CHEESE." I just this today Ong Dia today and I couldn't help but smile. He looks so cheerful. I hope you can smile and raise yourself up and
keep purshing yourself foward.Raise yourself up.


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