2 Tips on how to organize your makeup for the holidays & save space!

Problem #1: Too many lipsticks? Or forget what lipsticks you have? Or even what they look like?

I have lipsticks that I do not use too often, or I forget what the colors actually look like, or I misplace one here under the bed, 1 in the backpack,etc.. I'd like to have all of them in 1 place! Well actually, I'd like to be reminded of what colors I have...

Tip #1:  Take out your lipsticks from their tubes and put them into these weekly medicine cubes.  I love this trick! Now I can see all the colors that I have, I wont have to worry about missing lipsticks, and seeing the colors make me want to wear them all the time! * (Remember to use a permanent marker to write the name of the brand and color down in case you want to purchase them in the future)

Problem #2: Too much makeup, yet not enough space?

 For the crazy makeup gurus out there, mine is nothing to theirs- but I'd like to save some space to be able to organize so that all my main products I use everyday can be in 1 small bag. It wastes a lot of time trying to dig through here to get this and that.

Tip #2 Take what you use often & create mini-mes! (This is a great tip for holiday traveling also!)
My L'oreal Paris foundation &  Bare Essentials Prime Time Primer & their minis (I put these into jar because if they are in the cubes, they may be too liquidated and may fall out through the tiny cracks)

My Missha BB Cream in #23, CoverGirl Whipped cream foundation (I use this as my eye primer and it works great), Maybelline Matte Mousse cream blush, and lastly, my Smashbox Cream to Powder foundation ( I use this as my bronzer/contouring).

Laura Mercier blush & Laura Gellar Spackle under make-up primer

Victoria's Secret cream eyeshadow (I took a picture because it looks like a cute pretzel in the cube) *Bich Ngoc, remember you and Vu gave me this w/the whole Victoria's Secret bag 1.5 years ago? =)
This Physician's Formula bronzer works rather well and adds a nice healthy light shimmery glow ( should I break a chunk of this?) =)

End products =)

I use this to store some of my brushes and eyeliners, my favorite lipstick by Elizabeth Arden because I couldn't bear to take it out of its tube, laura mercier blush & Laura Gellar primer minis

Last, but not least, I wanted to share with you guys my first ever powder compact my mom had purchased for me when I was in high school, close to 8 years now =) SC, made in Japan. It smells really good but I only used it 5 times max and it cost $40 back in the day! I will keep this forever as a present from my mom since she rarely purchases makeup for me

Do you have any makeup products that your parents bought you???


  1. OMG I don't remember giving that to you! Was it a birthday present? Are you sure it was from vu and me? haha I really don't remember but it is definetly something I would give though, I love giving away victoria secret makeup and body goodies.
    Have you ever checked how long make-up lasts? You know like mascara you're not supposed to keep over 6 months. Maybe you should do a post about it. Do you know how long it is for your powder?

  2. Hey great tips for consuming less space for the make up kits. Thanks for sharing your information. I appreciate your link a lot.


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