Beyoumakeupshop's Holiday Photoshoot Ad 1

I feel a bit conceited taking so many pictures of myself, but I've been trying to work on an ad for Beyoumakeupshop to advertise the products for this Holiday season, but I am horrible at Photoshop and making ads =(

Here goes my very first ad!

Here are some photos hopefully I can use and will use to make something neat in time for the holidays to advertise for Beyoumakeupshop!!!  =) In terms of the eye makeup, all the colors are from the 42 Double Stack palette from Beyoumakeupshop & the face being the Laura Gellar face primer & Loreal's True Match Foundation.

Loreal Paris TrueMatch Foundation vs. Revlon Colorstay
In terms of this foundation, I like it more than Revlon's ColorStay because the texture is not as thick. I like more natural and lighter foundations, but with that being said, the TrueMatch doesn't look as nice around my mouth area and other parts of the face. I was at Target today and tried on one of the No 7 Foundation and I just chose a random color that was close to my skin tone and I was shocked at how it just absorbed into the skin!! It was crayzy! However, the Truematch that I used in the following pictures does help my skin to look nicer on camera but of course, cameras lie all the time.


 Can you tell the gradual changes of the lip colors? =) Support me by shopping at Beyoumakeupshop today! *Grins* Teehee =)


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