Being yourself & just working hard because you can

Hi everyone, did you missed me? *Smile*

I've been working really hard lately since it's the holidays, retail jobs loves holidays =) especially Christmas. The internet still doesn't work yet, hopefully by the 22nd, I don't have to go to Barnes & Noble, Boba, or coffee shop, or other places to use the internet =( This job has been really fun because it makes me dress up (because I never really dress in anything outside than my jeans)

Today, I even wore a DRESS, yes, I said it, a dress with black and red stripes, along with cute side pockets with gray tights. I'd never really though I'd wear this because I've always been self conscious about my huge calves, but I've seen other people who are about my size wear them and they they look pretty- =) A little stepping out of the box for me before 2010 ends. Dress for yourself, professional, comfortable, and nice.

A coworker of mine says I randomly smile, or asked- I just said "I'm grateful to be working." Even graduating with a B.A in International Development Studies from a great university like mine, I was "dumb enough" to turn down job offers (mostly in sales and customer service) that were $14 or below an hour because I wanted higher wage, $20/hour because I was too confident. I end up not working for a while and going through some personal things and changes, but now, like I said, I'm just smiling because I'm so grateful to be working while it lasts.  Hopefully I can pay off some of my bills that I've been holding off and still afford to get something wonderful for my family and some cards (teehee) for my friends.

I decided on this blog that I should be more of "me," I always try to sound so professional (I somehow fear that if i write too much on this blog or is too much of "me")- it would not be professional for my future career. It's okay, there's a midpoint between being yourself and professional.

Work hard ladies!


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