Blue eyes & orange lips

I wanted to play with Beyoumakeupshop's 42 shimmer double stack palette I was inspired by this Fall's beauty trend of subtle makeup and somewhat "orange" lips.

The look on the left was the natural Fall makeup trend I was hoping to end up with- but instead of smoky black & grays, I ended up with gold/orange and blue ( a tribute to my lovely UCLA) . I honestly tried to zoom into the picture and saw smoky blues- but it was a bit tad difficult to pull  this smokey under the eyes look (on myself) because the colors fall into the sockets and its not as easy to see it until you have very light skin.

This picture shows (the blues) appearing to be very "smeary" and has no depth in colors (this camera didn't capture the colors well enough) because I tried using multiple variations of blue and some grays. The original model has a thicker and more define line at the top and slowly faded down.

I didn't have any orange lipstick and so patted on some of the orange blush from the palette in the center of the lips =) I will revisit this look again!


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