part of my peace is practicing makeup

 2010 is soon to over and 2011 will be here in approximately 1 day. I think after you pass 23 years of age, you tend to reminiscence more on your age and associates it with your lack of accomplishments. Its like that time in college when you save the entire day to finish a paper or study for a test, yet you become so distracted with everything else and tries to do everything else. In the end, not much was done. Time waits for no woman or man.

I know at times things happen in our lives and we loose our hope, faith, and our strength in the world, loosing what we had in your heart that keep us going. I am not anyone to give advice to others (because sometimes good intentions lead to otherwise),but I know these past 2 years have been very difficult for me. I went through new changes and emotions that I never felt before-but these things are normal, human nature I would say, that happens as you eventually grow older. I may not have been as strong as I should and would have like to be. Sometimes you ask yourself what is your purpose on this earth and question your confidence in who you are, it's okay to admit you're not as strong. You can't be the best at everything, you just do the very best you can and be the very best person you can (easier said than done).

I hope in hard times, you can look up to someone, something, an idea, your mother, or that flower that blooms in your garden, to remind you that everything shall pass. If you get lost, I hope you can find yourself again, and most importantly, find hope. Hope is all around you. I've been looking at the trees outside my backyard, the weather is very cold now, even though it may not be as freezing as the east coast.  Do you notice how trees loose their leaves every winter, shake in the freezing cold , withstand all the rain and storms, yet every spring, flowers and petals blossom again.


  1. Lovely makeup! You have such great advice for entering the new year :0)


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