Friday, December 3, 2010

Gorgeous Holiday inspired looks & tutorials!

I know I've been posting a lot, but sometimes my internet works, sometimes it doesn't. If I don't post, more will just add up. As you guys know, Christmas is coming soon and there are many YouTube makeup tutorials for holiday looks. A lot of the ones I've seen include some gold, cranberry or red, and well, GOLD and they are GORGEOUS!

If you are looking for some makeup ideas to wear for the holidays, hopefully the 3 tutorials below will help =) Some may be bolder than what you normally wear, but try them =)

Video #1 Misschevious's Beatiful Golden Cranberry Holiday Makeup

Video #2 JulieG713's  Gorgeous & Bolder  Holiday Golden Plum Sparkle

and Video #3 LadyMakeup1's Very pretty Reddish Christmas (Her voice is so beautiful to listen to!)


After watching these holiday tutorials, how can anyone not be tempted to try these beautiful looks and practice? 

Base/primer: CoverGirl's Whipped Cream
Colors: Smashbox Cream eyeliner in Smashing Caviar (red arrow) & beautiful reddishcolor from 42 Double Stack Eyeshadow palette (available at right now!)

Face: Laura Gellar's & Bare Essentials primers & Rimmel's Fix & Perfect
Eyebrow pencil: The Face Shop
Mascara: Loreals Voluminous

Or something that matches your shirt =)

There's nothing more beautiful than a smile that struggles through tears.-unknown

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