Napa Valley, California with my friends

I wanted to share w/you some pictures from a recent Napa Valley trip with some of my wonderful friends from Southern California. Although I do live up North and had chances to go to Napa this past year, this was my first time and I tell you, it was so BEAUTIFUL!

 The rain made it incredibly cold at times but seeing some of my friends I haven't seen since I moved from LA was really awesome because it felt like old times. As we drove through the valley, most of the grape vines were bright yellow and had turned colors already but the views were gorgeous!

We headed to the Castle and tasted 5 wines of our choice + our own tours for $16 per person. I'm not too much of a wine person and I tried tasting the ones that sound familiar. After the 4th one, I was lightheaded already =( Overall, the wine tasting was fun and we all enjoyed them

What was even more special was that we even squeeze in 5 or 6 games of mafia! =) Although I'm not a great mafia player because it is always very difficult to figure out who the mafias are, the savior, cop, or even random killers, but I love to play it because it always bring people together.


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! Great pictures!


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