Seth Godin's - Be your own REMARKABLE purple cow !

Sometimes you just feel like a "loser," not technically, but that is how I feel right now because many things are not turning out the way I'd like them to. I've been feeling very frustrated with myself, but that's not really helping change anything. I believe that all successful people, despite the differences between the levels of success they achieve, have a lot of self discipline and control. Self discipline to wake up at the right time, exercise, focus, learn, and the self control to keep their eyes on the goals. To be successful in anything, you have to constantly learn and learn and practice!

As for me, I tend to sometimes put time into what I like to do rather than what I should when I feel extremely stress at home. 24 hours is not enough time and it passes by so quickly, if we keep track of our activities and what we do each hour- the list may appear to be very unproductive for some of us. I've decided that I will not let time slip by anymore, I am going to make sure I am very productive and keep track of what I do each hour in the day and allocate time to each activity. Days and and months will go by very fast, I do not want to be in the same place that I was a month, or five months ago, I want to be somewhere else- and that is exactly where I will work toward being.

As you all know, I love public libraries because they offer everything you can possibly like to learn, even fashion and makeup magazines! A new library close to my home has new tennis courts, basketball courts, a big empty field for soccer, baseball field, and even a "fitness center" (it's not open yet). If only every couple of blocks or every city should have 4 or 5 public libraries and basketball courts, tennis courts, fitness centers, etc... that would totally be awesome! Imagine how many kids would read more, be able to do homework, feel motivated, be more physically active, and awesome! Usually I can't get to the tennis court because they are always filled- Old Vietnamese men are very strong on the tennis courts!

I started to read Seth Godin's THE NEXT BIG MARKETING IDEA and I am so glad I did. The cover itself seems very "kiddish" and it wasn't too appealing to me, but of the 18+ pages I've read, the readings (vocabularies) are easy to understand, the pages themselves are small so it makes me want to read more, and the examples are what we are surrounded by, not to mention interesting! (He also wrote Best Sellers Purple Cow & Permission Marketing)

An intro to his book (preface?): --> He even gave his email!

It turns out that people who make things happen- the champions- are now in short supply and more successful than ever.  This is a book about a very simple idea (one that you've probably thought of yourself): If you make your product, your service, your school, your church or your career worth talking about, the word will spread.  Go make something happen, and it'll pay off.

I bet you can do just that.

A great example that I thought was eye opening and did not know of before is his example relating to Basically a year ago (from when the book was published), Amazon stopped all of its advertisement and invested its money into its customers through free shipping!  Everyone "proclaimed the death of Amazon" but instead, "after 12 months, the results were in." Who would've thought " sales for the year were up 37%" while international growth was "an astonishing 81%!"

He gave a mini summary of his Purple Cow below on how to be REMARKABLE!
Here's the quick definition of Purple Cow: A Purple Cow is a product or service that's REMARKABLE.  "Remarkable" simply means that a customer is willing to make a remark about it.  If you can create remarkable products, people will talk about them.  If that happens, the word will spread and your sales will grow.  That explains the success of most every fast-growing company for the last ten years.

Are you invisible? Or REMARKABLE?

...wait a minute, here are some inspirations for makeup ideas =)
The purple/orchid sparkles really pretty in the light (gold & purple)

How incredibly gorgeous!

(Day 1)
I have a goal for myself this week (1/19-1/26) and I will achieve it, there's just no way around it. You tend to get comfortable when you're in a slump and become negative- but these factors wont change anything.


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