• This past weekend, I had the opportunity to help do "makeup" for one of my good friend, a pageant winner for another pageant she was attending =) When she had asked me, I couldn't help but laugh really hard (ironic isn't it?)and told her that I wasn't good enough yet to do makeup for anyone, but myself. Well, I think I can do decently with foundation, blush, a bit of contour, some eyebrow grooming, but the eyes, the eye shadows are so difficult! Hence, I was not confident at all, but in the end, with the help of a friend, a fellow lover of makeup and beauty, and after a long time, my friend looks pretty good! =)

    • Moral of the story: My eyeshadow skills are horrible, it's 1 thing to be able to do it on myself, my eye shapes, but it's another to do the same thing to another individual. I will practice, practice, blend, blend, and not apply so much color at once!

  • I recently discovered Bloglovin through Nancy's blog and I really like it! Before, I used to read all the updates of the blogs that I followed with the google reader or through the blog updates from blogger, but I like the layout of Bloglovin more. It's a great way to organize your favorite blogs, follow them, like them, and it's good to be expose to other blogs in other categories, not to mention daily popular posts/blogs =)

  • Through Bloglovin, I was able to find some really awesome, super wonderful makeup blogs that have super high quality photos of eyeshadows! I love playing with eye shadows because the colors are so pretty and you don't know the amazing end results after playing with so many different colors! I also followed foreign bloggers, unfortunately the posts are not in English, but there's always Google Translator!


Oh my goodness, is she not incredibly gorgeous?!


Hiilen's high quality photos blog (one of my top favorite also!)

And then...look at these beautiful photos from a very talented makeup artist I found via Facebook, you can "like" his page here Vicent Tran

Michelle Nguyen- Miss National Asia

How flawless is her face?! So beautiful!
Isn't this couture ao dai so beautiful?

Such a gorgeous face, I love her smile =)



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