To be honest, of course it is bias since it is my personal opinions, but looking at fashion magazines (Americans) & images of models from makeup and fashion worlds, most of them are very light skin. I can never have green or beautiful blue eyes or skin that are as light as them and therefore- certain colors do not have the same affect.  I am all about embracing our individual qualities and making the best of them, but it'll be nice to see certain "looks" projected onto other types of models.

1st look: very light brows, bright red/orange lips, natural eyes

2nd look: Naturally defined brows, soft makeup, define cheeks, and soft muted mauve lips

3rd look: Very strong eyebrows, very light makeup, strong and bold deep mauve lips

It's pretty how the sunset makes my hair red, but too much red is not good
Such a funny story. I was lying on the grass hoping to take a quick picture and some people were walking by, I was so scared that I jumped up and started running around the corner... =(


Cherry blossom season is approaching! So beautiful!

For this "shoot"- I used very minimal makeup and very little products, what I normally use, no foundation.
-Rimmel Fix & Perfect primery
- Almay pencil (eye liner)
-New eyelash curler that really holds curls (will be available on Beyou's soon)
- Maybelline's Falsies mascara
-Victoria Secret Bare Bronze palette (available at Beyou's shop)
-Benefit lip gloss
-Beyou's 28 pro smoky palettes
-various lip colors
-Missha BB cream #23

My favorite place to put on makeup would be in my car, during day light with the mirror in the front seat- and that's exactly where I put on my makeup for all of these pictures; especially in a beautiful park.   Everything is much easier because the mirror's directly facing you and you can really tell what the makeup will come out to be.  

I tried to be miminal because I left the house late and I was afraid the sun might set- so I had to work fast to catch the rays.  After the first look, took some pictures, went and fix the 2nd looks and add on colors along with taking off the lipstick, and after the 2nd look, add shadows and add on more lipstick. I hope people didn't think I was weird putting makeup in my car and coming out w/ new looks each time. Overall, it was a great time practicing makeup =) I love playing with my eye shadow color palettes because you never know what the end colors will be and don't overdo on one color!


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