Lisa Eldridge! You have to watch her tutorials! A MUST!

I am determined, very determined to be a great makeup artist, within the next 5 years.
6 +1 reasons why I love playing and experimenting with makeup: 

  • Makeup is very therapeutic, a therapeutic friendship.
  • Every woman/girl will experiment with such beauty products because who doesn't want to help themselves look more beautiful. Therefore a great industry to be in, it's beneficial for myself to learn to look my best when I want to.
  • Makeup= art. I can't really draw nor paint, therefore, makeup is an extension of that artistic expression
  • I am very bad at it thus far. Over one year and yet I haven't been able to do much= personal challenge
  • I really want to put my words into action & use products from Beyoumakeupshop to do what I intend them to for my customers.  I not only want to sell the products, I want to offer the experiences, the emotions of that red lip, or those dark smoky eyes to people who were like myself. I want to sell the magic juice! Everyone can get tons of products from drug and department stores, not to mention the mega Sephora and Ulta, but I want to offer something DIFFERENT. UNIQUE. I guess that's for me to find out, the magic juice.
  • Makeup/beauty products can be empowering. Once people see how they can look different, but better than how they used to, it's a GOOD FEELING! Good feelings that lead to confidence. You can't walk through this world without it.
  • Michelle Phan + Lisa Eldridge
Makeup is more than eye shadows (although that is my favorite part, the blends of colors), it really is about the ability to bring the inner beauty outward. You don't get a chance to make a first impression twice. I can't say enough how much I love Lisa Eldridge,  I am so fortunate to have found her YouTube Channel. Very professional HD quality videos, she explains things incredibly well and detailed, and most importantly, very sincere. You can learn the basics of foundation to Nicole Richie's beautiful eyes on a magazine cover! I highly recommend anyone who loves to learn makeup to watch her videos and visit her site! If I could see her in person, I would thank her and give her a big hug!


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