Tips that work: Curled lashes that last all day!

I've tried this technique (video below) many times-  my lashes were AMAZINGLY  longer & the curls actually STAYED UP after many hours! I'm so in love with this technique, it' s life changing for someone with short and sparse lashes like mine that NEVER curled. I gave up mascara before because there was no point in putting them on if they will flake down in 5 seconds. They have  never been this lifted, long, or stay up past half an hour! I'm in love =)

What you need to do:

1. Watch this video that showed me how to curled my lashes! (Thank you gossmakeupartist!)

Remember to

1. Curl your lashes for a good amount of time, (9~10 seconds)- hold the eyelash curler down the curls in place
2. First coat of mascara should be light coat
3. Let lashes completely dry before curling your lashes a 2nd time
4. Apply 2nd coat (use spooley to spread out the lashes and keep them from clumping)

2. Products used

(My eyelash pad somehow got cut off, but lucky for me, it helped lifted the lashes up even more).
Let me know how these tips work out for you!

<3 Best wishes


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