Makeup trials over the last couple of months.

I think this is the scariest, I look as if I was punched in the yes.

I love having side bangs, they can always cover one bad eyebrow

....or unmatching eyeshadows.

Yes, I even think about makeup in my sleep.

Wet n Wild lipsticks are beautiful! Pigmented and more mattifying, but not drying.
My job includes no makeup whatsoever and on the days I'm off, I don't even have the want to go out and dress up. If you ever see me in real life, I don't wear makeup often, but I try to practice as much as I can, if you can't tell from the couple of sleepy pictures. 

Makeup to me didn't come natural in my life nor was it really ever in my life, it only sprouted during college and my desire to be better at it came post college in the strangest time. Makeup to me is like learning my multiplication table in the 2rd grade, I kept trying and I couldn't remember, other kids finished their time tables and were awarded prizes. I wanted those watches, those candies, I wanted to be like my friend. I studied and studied and worked until I got my first time table award/prize! My elementary years in terms of academic, being my foundation and building my work ethic to attain the proficiency that my classmates were at (especially English grammar) made me an extremely worker.

I have been practicing with makeup for close to 2 years, not always "active" and I haven't gotten much better. Just like those time tables, practice, practice, ask questions, and seek help. Hard work needs to always be a foundation in everything I do.


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